Montemedia Labs

One innovation at a time

The Montemedia Labs is our research playground for super rapid prototyping.
We develop innovative solutions to disrupt the status quo, like creating new ad formats, advanced tracking or dynamic targeting.

Why? Because we like people and we like data.

It is the space for free-flow of programmers ideas using breakthrough technologies - it's kind of a 3D printer for digital advertising.

In our labs we are strickly against visual polution and wastage, that is why we combine the science of analytics with the art of intuition (Analytics-Based Decision Making). Basically we use big data to make big decisions.

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Imagine what you get when you mix design thinker, developer, some creative and business people.

Montemedia Desk

Inventory & Data Management - hands on, publisher love it! Programmatic buying and selling

Premium publishers asked Montemedia for a solution to
- serve in-house ads,
- sell programmatic to agencies (Deal IDs),
- sell inventory to the highest paying buyer (on DSPs),
- control ad quality (block brands, advertiser, etc.), and
- real-time reporting (as well as for the advertiser).

We listened carefully and created the Ā«Montemedia DeskĀ» to satisfy the publishers' needs.

We even went two steps further and added
- a Private Ad Exchange/Marketplace, and
- a Data Management Platform (DMP) so the publisher could start collecting and segmenting their highly valuable 1st-party data.

Now, the advertisers are willing to pay higher CPM for those audience segments and premium placements = win-win.

> Publisher: Contact us now for a demo

> Advertiser: Contact us now to access premium inventory in our Private Exchange


All-in One & easy to use: Inventory Management, Direct Deals, Real-time Dashboard & Data Management Platform (DMP) for Audience Segmentation and Programmatic Selling and Buying

Montemedia C2T2

Cookie-less Cross-Device Tracking & Targeting

Montemedia C2-T2 is a digital fingerprinting technology (so called universal device recognition or device, machine or browser fingerprint). We at Montemedia use it for educational reasons. The Montemedia C2-T2 technology relies on complex computer-driven analysis to uniquely identify a piece of device. The information collected about a remote computing device for the purpose of identification across multiple devices. The fingerprint can fully or partially identify individual devices even when cookies are deleted or turned off (that is why it is also called cookie-less tracking). The stable success rate of unique identification lies above 60% at the moment. All collected information is anonymous (non-personally identifiable information, Non-PII).

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A paper reporting the statistical results of similar experiments: "How Unique Is Your Browser?", Proceedings of the Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS 2010), Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science.


Anonymous cookie-less digital fingerprinting for multi-devices