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Human Focused Advertising

Montemedia provides a unique approach to deliver display adverts online! Instead of concentrating purely on the advertisers, Montemedia is focusing on each individual internet-user. Montemedia is matching the interest of the user to the products or services provided by the advertiser. By doing so both user and advertiser find themselves in a win win situation as the products or services of the advertiser are presented to only to internet users which have interests relevant to the products or services. The media spendings of the advertiser are invested in the most efficient way by addressing the right internet-user at the right time while more useful and relevant adverts will be delivered to the internet-user.

Human Focused or Audience Driven Advertising means connecting the right people to the right message!

Audience Profile

Knowing the interest of each user

In order to deliver the right advert to the right people Montemedia is generating important user profiles. User Profiles are generated by analyzing billions of Ad Impressions every day, combining previous web browsing activities over a period of time with further attributes such as time and location. Users with the same interest are then grouped to audience sections, so-called peer-groups. Of course all information about the users web browsing activity is collected and analysed anonymously, meaning the information used for providing user with a particular advert is not personal.

User is surfing on parenting and family activities (GEO: Zurich) websites -> Profile: parent with high interest in family activities in Zurich area.

Reach the right User

...wherever they are

User Profiles, campaign related information, as well as a smart algorithm to analyse and predict user behavior, are combined in the Montemedia RTB Decision Making Engine. The engine enables Montemedia to merge inventory and data to ensure that the advert will only be displayed when the content of the advert matches the interest of the user, independent of the website the user is visiting or what device the user is using (desktop, mobile, tablet).

Next time the user is online Montemedia will show the advert from the advertiser (Zürich Zoo) showing a family discount for this upcoming sunny weekend (locally targeted combined with weather data)!

Data Analytics

Boost budget efficiently

Montemedia is analyzing and evaluating user behavior with each Ad Impressions delivered so that the learnings can be implemented immediately in order to make the Ad delivery even better the next time the user is visiting a web page.

Bought zoo tickets online. Learnings update the intent profile. More advertiser opportunity up-selling Zoo yearly ticket subscription (tremendous cross- and up-selling potential)!

Customized online campaign

innovative, efficient and scalable

Montemedia offers a smarter, easier and more efficient way of display advertising. Cherry-picking each individual impression, in real-time, based on the value of each user to the campaign, is an extremely effective technique for both branding and performance campaigns. Customized online campaigns tailored to fit your needs. Don’t waste money on untargeted advertising.

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Every single impression is efficiently calculated and delivered in real-time for the highest impact to be top of mind at the right time = win-win!

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